AG Ellison warns Minnesotans of potential COVID-19 charity scams

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is asking Minnesotans to be vigilant when donating to charities to avoid giving money to a scam.

"Minnesotans are generous people at regular times. At this extraordinary time, we're more inclined than ever to help others," Ellison said in a statement. "That's a noble impulse and the best of who we are — but we also have to be careful. I'm asking every Minnesotan to exercise caution when donating to charitable causes that claim to help with the COVID-19 outbreak. We all want to make sure that our money goes to people who will use to do right by people, not to line their own pockets."

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Minnesotans can avoid being scammed by using a searchable database of charities registered in Minnesota.

The attorney general's office also urged Minnesotans to give to charities they are already familiar with.

Anyone who thinks they have come across a fraudulent charity is asked to report it to Ellison's office.

Minnesota attorney general warns consumers of price-gouging, COVID-19 scams

Earlier this month, Ellison's office warned consumers to watch out for price-gouging and other COVID-19 scams. Minnesotans are urged to also report those to Ellison's office.