'Ripple Votive' spreading hope, supporting hiring

Minneapolis artists are using their talents to create a ripple effect of hope while supporting an organization hiring laid-off cooks and chefs to make meals for those in need.

Crafted in their Glenwood Avenue shop, Hennepin Made is making "ripple votives" for local restaurants. The local eateries get them for free with the hope they’ll light a candle at night in the votive and place it in the window.

They're available for purchase online, and profits are going to help Second Harvest Heartland’s Minnesota Central Kitchen.

“We feel really excited and grateful that we can contribute and make a difference in that way as well,” said Jackson Schwartz, artist and creative director at Hennepin Made. “We’ve raised a fair amount of money in the first week here – so we’re pretty excited about what the potential is.”

They’ve already handed out many to restaurants in the North Loop. Hennepin Made hopes to give out an sell more to expand the ripple effect, which was the motivation behind the ripple design.

“What we talked about a lot is sort of the emotional toll this is taking on everybody,” Schwartz said.

“We set out to design a candle votive that represents hope and keep the light on for all these businesses, our communities, our neighborhoods.”

The votive either comes with a wax candle or a solar-powered one for $5 more to make sure they’re ready to light up windows and spread positive vibes during our troubling times.