'It’s a nightmare': Family friends prepare for start of second trial in college football player's death

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Kayle Alan Fleischauer will face a new St. Croix County jury on Monday for the start of a second trial in the shooting death of his teenage son, Chase.

The 44-year-old Fleischauer is charged with second-degree reckless homicide in the death of his 19-year-old son back in April 2018 at his New Richmond Township, Wisconsin, home.

A St. Croix County jury found Fleischauer guilty in the death last year, but later last summer the judge ordered a new trial after discovering juror misconduct.

Wisconsin father convicted of reckless homicide in son's death granted new trial

"Scary, that's all I can think is scary,” said Melissa Garay-Triviski. “To know we have to see everything again and hear everything again, it's hard, it's hard to sit there too and listen to what he went through."

Garay-Triviski’s son used to play football with Chase at Tartan High School in Oakdale, and then later against each other in college.

"Very kind-hearted, non-confrontational — out of the whole group, silly and always smiling," Garay-Triviski said of Chase.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reached out to Fleischauer’s lawyer ahead of the new trial.

During the last trial, Fleischauer took the stand in his own defense saying he was asleep when the gun fired.

The defense suggested that Chase shot himself.

“I'd never shoot my son," Fleischauer testified.

“Was there any anger in you about your son,” questioned Fleischauer's lawyer back in June.

"No, I loved my son," Fleischauer said.

Family and friends of Chase plan to fill the courthouse in Hudson during the trial, and they’ve created a special Facebook page to share developments.

"We're just hoping finally, finally, we get some type of justice for him,” said Garay-Triviski.