3 charged in shooting death of 2-year-old in Brooklyn Park

Three people have been charged relating to the shooting death of a 2-year-old boy in Brooklyn Park as of Friday in Hennepin County.

Court records show Sherrillyn Kay Mosley, 57, and Keyshawn Lemont Cosey-Gray, 20, have been charged with one count each of aiding an offender. Another individual, O’Sheonia Nypre Hodges, 20, has been charged with one count of second-degree manslaughter.

According to the criminal complaint, on Aug. 13, Brooklyn Park Police officers were sent to an apartment in the city on a report of a shooting. Reports indicated to officers that a 2-year-old child had been shot.

Upon arrival, law enforcement located the victim who had been shot in the abdomen. Police attempted lifesaving measures before turning the victim over to the paramedics who transported the child to the hospital with critical injuries. Two days later, the child died.

Officers located a number of adults who were present in the home at the time of the incident. The adults included the victim’s mother, identified as Hodges; his grandmother, identified as Mosley, and Hodge’s boyfriend, identified as Cosey-Gray. All three told police that a man with a nickname of "BD" had been present in the apartment and had left, indicating that he must have been involved in the shooting. Hodges later provided a photo to authorities she claimed was "BD," but never provided a name. The complaint states all three denied having any knowledge about the shooting or the gun involved.

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Police also spoke with the victim’s 3-year-old brother, who told them the gun belonged to Hodges.

When authorities interviewed Hodges a second time, she continued to blame the incident on "BD," providing a detailed story about the person in question and his involvement with guns. Cosey-Gray also continued to blame "BD" in his follow-up interview, both denying any knowledge of what happened to the child.

After officers conducted a search warrant of the residence, they found an extended handgun magazine, two boxes of ammunition and a spent 9mm round. Additionally, police also found a Taurus 9mm G2c handgun. All evidence was collected by law enforcement.

Further investigation showed Hodges posted multiple social media postings regarding owning a gun, in which she lied to police about. An examination of text messages on Hodge’s phone showed a conversation between her and Cosey-Gray. In it, texts were exchanged about police searching the apartment. One text said "Baby I pray they don’t find it" and "Me too baby stay with the same story bd did it."

Later, officers located the person who matched the description of "BD." The person denied using the name, "BD," and said they were not at the apartment during their incident and had no involvement.

Officers then arrested the three people in question. Following Mosley’s arrest, she admitted that she lied to the officers initially. She also admitted that Hodges hid the gun after the shooting. The complaint states Hodges admitted that after hearing the gunshot, she found the victim on the ground with a gunshot wound and that her 3-year-old son was standing near him with the gun on the ground. Hodges claimed the gun had only been in the apartment for two days and claimed it was stored on the top shelf in a closet, where police originally found it. However, the complaint continues, after the victim was shot, Hodges said she hid the gun in the closet and lied about "BD."

None of the suspects charged are in custody at this time. Mosely and Cosey-Gray will make their first court appearances on Sept. 14. A warrant has been issued for Hodges’ arrest.