3 arrested in relation to social media video of woman being kicked in the face at light rail station

Three people have been arrested in connection to an incident on a light rail platform that was circulating on social media.

In the video, a woman appears to be kicked in the face while on a Metro Transit Light Rail platform.

Metro Transit and Metro Transit Police investigators learned of the incident on Tuesday afternoon after it was posted on social media and people began asking about it.

Metro Transit said investigators determined the incident occurred at the Dale Street Station in St. Paul and searched video from that station for additional details.

Metro Transit: St. Paul light rail station incident could result in charges

The incident was determined to have taken place just after midnight on Monday morning when the light rail trains weren't in service. Metro Transit said Wednesday that they hadn't yet spoken to the victim or determined why she was at the station at the time.

Metro Transit also said it is working to gather all necessary information and will then present a case to Ramsey County Attorney's Office for possible charges against the suspects.