14 robberies reported in Minneapolis over half-day span

Authorities are asking the public to be on high alert after a string of more than a dozen robberies rattled Minneapolis this weekend.

Minneapolis police say 14 robberies were reported throughout the city from 10:53 a.m. Saturday to 12:35 a.m. Sunday, with 11 of those taking place after sundown.

The incidents generally involved groups of three to six suspects, according to Minneapolis Police Sgt. Garrett Parten, and in most occurrences, the suspects were wearing dark clothes and masks.

Parten said guns were seen in most cases and that the robbers were after purses, wallets and phones. A few victims were physically assaulted as well.

While the incidents were scattered across the city, investigators believe at least eight of them involved groups getting out of a gray SUV that was carjacked Saturday morning. Police have not announced any arrests so far.

Parten said MPD is investigating whether the robberies are connected. He also issued a plea for the public to remain alert and, in the event of a robbery, pay attention to any identifying details that could help authorities track down suspects.