$100K missing from Bloomington Fastpitch Association halts already unpredictable season

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Megan and Georgia grew up playing softball with the Bloomington Fastpitch Association.

"I started playing with BFA when I was nine-years-old and fell in love with it immediately, my dad made me play and then I begged every season after," Megan recalled.

Their dad coached them growing up, and was instrumental in bringing the sport to younger girls.

"The amount of confidence I gained playing softball with myself and with a team is definitely something I have taken with me and use in my career now," said Georgia.

Hearing the organization they love is now in dire need of funds, and why, they said, is heartbreaking.

"My breath was literally taken away, I was in tears the gravity of it is so immense," Megan said.

Last week, Bloomington Fastpitch discovered what could be upwards of $100,000 missing from its bank account. That's more than half the association's annual budget.

"It’s been a really tough season, it’s been a tiring season, so far," said Bloomington Fastpitch Association President Chris Clifford.

The loss of funds is just adding insult to injury as the COVID-19 pandemic made even getting on the field tough enough, and that's without being allowed to host their biggest fundraiser.

"Our biggest revenue source is tournaments, Bloomington this year was supposed to host three tournaments, between those three tournaments it probably brings in 50% of our revenue to the association," Clifford shared.

A GoFundMe page has already raised more than $3,000, and donations have helped cover insurance costs, which will at least allow girls to hit the diamond later this week for development clinics.

"We will be back, we definitely will be back, stronger than ever," Clifford said.

"We are going to do everything we possibly can to get this money back to the girls, that’s really who it goes to the youth in Bloomington," Megan added.