New small stream gnats unable to be treated in 2020, potentially causing more human bites

A human-biting species of gnats, similar to the ones hovering around Minnesota as the temperature rises, will not be able to be treated in 2020 in small streams, where the species continues to grow.

The aggressive biters have free rein because the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) doesn’t own a permit from the Department of Natural Resources to treat the particular species yet. A spokesperson tells KSTP receiving approval from the DNR is a long process, so the focus is on 2021 to treat this species.

Species Simulium tuberosum, as they are referred to by the MMCD, are invading many small streams rather than the large river gnats that are seen frequently each year.

The MMCD says they are mainly focused on large river gnats, treating those areas on Thursday.