Minnesota DNR offering hunting licenses for elk hunting this fall

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is offering 10 licenses for hunters in the state looking to take down some elk.

In a press release, the Minnesota DNR announced that hunters have until June 15 to apply for one of the 10 licenses through its department. Licenses for this year include two landowner permits, two 10-year history permits and six general lottery permits. To apply, a nonrefundable application fee of $5 per hunter must be paid.

The DNR said hunters will be able to apply for:

  • One of three available licenses to harvest either a bull or antlerless elk in zone 20’s season A.
  • One of two available licenses to harvest an antlerless elk, which can be a female or a young male, in zone 20’s season B.
  • One of five available licenses to harvest either a bull or antlerless elk in zone 30’s season C.

All three seasons will take place starting Saturday, Sept. 21, through Sunday, Sept. 29.

According to the DNR, this year’s hunt is part of its commitment to managing elk to reach specific population goals. Kelsie LaSharr, Minnesota’s DNR elk coordinator, said the organization is determined to work with several agencies to address concerns related to the Minnesota Elk population and manage it as needed.

“We know there are concerns related to crop and fence damage,” said LaShar. “The DNR will continue to work with tribal nations, local landowners, agricultural producers, legislators, local government officials and state agencies to address those concerns and manage Minnesota’s elk sustainably.”

The DNR said hunters are required to present any successfully hunted elk within 24 hours of harvest for registration and biological sample collection. More details on elk hunting requirements and permit specifications can be found HERE.