Zakat Foundation of America, Rep. Ilhan Omar provide 18,000 pounds of fresh produce to Minneapolis

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar recently has called on the Zakat Foundation of America to assist with people in need in Minneapolis.

For the third time in 10 days, Omar requested the organization haul in and hand out a truckload of farm-picked produce for local families still cut off from wholesome fresh fare, a news release states. In 10 days, the organization has donated 50 tons worth of fresh produce and milk. 

"I invited them to bring another container of food, as there is, unfortunately, no shortage of need," Omar said. "And I am honored to join and help them in the distribution this Friday."

Friday's free distribution is set to begin at 10 a.m. at the Bryan Coyle Center, located on 15th Avenue S. 

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"I appreciate that Zakat Foundation of America thought of us and came out to Minneapolis with food aid during this difficult time. It means a lot," said Omar.

On Friday, Zakat Foundation relief workers will pass out more than 18,000 pounds of colorful produce and 400 gallons of milk, with help from Omar. Each produce box contains about 25 pounds of farm-fresh tomatoes, apples, lettuce, celery, carrots, asparagus, onions, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

"Godliness means acting quickly with compassion for the vulnerable," said Halil Demir, Zakat Foundation's executive director. "We didn't wait for an invitation. Right away, we moved to bring these victims of racism and persecution the most basic sustenance of life cut from them: fresh fruits, vegetables and milk."

On June 3, the global charity foundation became the first major organization in the country to initiate food relief for people of the Twin Cities severed from food markets by riots in response to protests and months of coronavirus pandemic disruptions.

Zakat Foundation relief specialists worked to ensure their food campaign paid multiple relief dividends. They procured the fruits and vegetables for food baskets fresh from Midwest farmers.

In addition, Demir has slipped in shipments of personal protective equipment — medical masks and gloves — to help health care staff and essential workers cope with the persisting pandemic.

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