Woodbury continues to clean up after winter storm

The city of Woodbury is continuing to feel the effects of the snowstorm this past weekend.

The storm that rolled through on Friday and Saturday knocked down more than 100 trees and tree limbs, with some going onto city streets and trails, according to a report from the city.

Public Works crews continue to clean up from the storm and are taking requests from residents about trees and limbs falling onto private property.

With many hazards still remaining on trails and public areas, the city reminds people of the danger of downed trees and limbs.

Anyone who encounters dangerous debris should call or email a work request to the Public Works department.

According to the city’s report, public roads have been cleared as crews continue to cut back trees that extend onto streets past the curb.

The Northern Yard Waste Site in Hugo accepts compost and is open for people to dispose of debris.

With limited staff and equipment, cleanup is expected to take several weeks.

The city asks for patience as the crews continue to work.