Wisconsin man, who works as an ironworker in Minneapolis, eases people’s stress by playing the flute

Watch the video above of Paul Harvey playing a Native American flute inside a building in 2018.

Paul Harvey, who lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and works in Minneapolis as an ironworker with Local 512, enjoys in his spare time playing many different woodwind instruments, without the lessons.

"I picked up a Native American flute several years ago in South Dakota," he said. "I walked into a flute shop, picked it up, and just started to play."

Harvey says he also plays the Irish flute and some other woodwind instruments. However, he has never taken a music lesson, nor has he read any music.

He told KSTP he was walking into work and whistling one day when he heard the echo in the building.

"It called to me," Paul said, as he said he then pulled out his phone, set it on the window and started to play what he was feeling with his Native American flute.

"I called the song ‘Concrete Peace’ (an original composition) because everyone who listens to it is filled with peace," Harvey said.

He went on to say that many people have reached out to him, explaining how the song has lifted their spirits and brought calm to tense situations.

Desiring to bring hope and peace to many during these trying times, Harvey has a YouTube channel called ‘Paul Harvey Flute guy.’ There, he shares many videos of different playing techniques, with different instruments being used.

"From new construction to abandoned cathedrals, to parking garages; If there is a place with beautiful reverb, I’m going to try and play there," Harvey said.

His ultimate wish?

"Maybe even in the Vikings’ stadium one day."