Wisconsin driver’s licenses, ID cards to have new security features

In an effort to lower fraud, authorities with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles say there will be new security features on both driver’s licenses and ID cards that are issued.

As of Monday, the new features will be built within the cards, including artwork of the State Capitol and state flag, transparent windows on the card’s right edge and back bottom edge, as well as a flipping effect that involves a second photo of the card’s holder and the month and year of their birth.

In addition, the orange organ donor dot will now be inside a sugar maple leaf that can be felt on the card.

There will also be color themes to distinguish those who are over and under the age of 21 — anyone with a card who is under 21 will have a vertical card that has a blue and red color theme, while those who are over 21 will have a horizontal card that is blue and gold.

State authorities say the upgraded features will be on both regular and REAL ID cards, and the fee will be the same.

Any cards used with laser engravements will be valid until their expiration date.

Anyone who would like to replace a card with one that has the newest features can do so by CLICKING HERE.