Why We Give: Children’s Home Society

Why We Give: Children’s Home Society

Why We Give: Children's Home Society

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS meteorologist Matt Serwe has chosen to highlight the Children’s Home Society.

Matt and his husband are just beginning their journey of adoption. Children’s Home Society of Minnesota (Children’s Home) is partnered with Lutheran Social Service (LSS) to provide foster care, adoption, education and support services throughout the state of Minnesota and beyond. There is an urgent need for foster parents, and many options to grow your family through adoption. Children’s Home recognizes that adoption is a lifelong journey and offers support throughout including kid’s support groups, family-friendly events, an adult adoptee online community, a Family Support Coach, as well as search and reunion services. Many of Children’s Home’s support services are open to folks in the adoption constellation, regardless of agency.

Both organizations have a long history that began with the mission of providing care for orphaned children in 1865 (LSS) and 1889 (Children’s Home). Their current adoption services include; Foster Care, Foster Care Adoption, Infant Adoption, International Adoption, Relative/Kinship Adoption and Post Adoption Services.

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