Wells Fargo to consolidate corporate office space in Twin Cities

Wells Fargo is planning to leave some of its Twin Cities metro locations in an effort to consolidate its corporate office workspaces.

A company spokesperson, Staci Schiller, confirmed to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that Wells Fargo plans to leave its home mortgage campus in south Minneapolis and its office space in St. Louis Park as employees start moving to one of three locations: the space in Shoreview on Park Drive, the campus off of South Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis — which includes Wells Fargo 550 Tower — or Wells Fargo Center, also in downtown Minneapolis along South Seventh Street.

The company plans to sell its south Minneapolis building, located off of East 26th Street. It just leases the St. Louis Park space.

According to Schiller, the move for non-customer-facing employees will start soon and be finished by the middle of next year.

“We believe bringing our employees together in fewer buildings will help create a more collaborative work environment that will provide them with access to new, more modern workspaces, technology, and amenities while building a stronger sense of community at work,” Schiller said in a statement.

A message to company employees noted, “There will be limited moves for some customer-facing employees but they will continue to remain close to their customers’ locations to meet their needs and provide the best service and advice.” However, branch locations and employees won’t be impacted.

That message also said the company remains committed to the Twin Cities area.

“We’re one of the largest private employers in the state of Minnesota, operating several lines of business throughout the state. We will continue to be a significant employer in the local community and in the state,” the message said.