Wedding ring, note found in Salvation Army kettle

The Salvation Army is collecting donations again this holiday season as part of its annual Red Kettle campaign. However, one kettle collected an unusual donation this week.

The Salvation Army Northern Division reports that a kettle in Barnes County, North Dakota was found to have received a wedding ring and a note, which read:

“My mother’s wedding ring. She passed away in 1970. Was a nurse at hospital for many years. A very loving and caring and giving person. Hopefully there is some value in this. She is still giving! Love you mom!”

Officials say there was value in the ring, and it will now go toward providing food, shelter and care for those in need.

“We regularly see generous acts like this—people who give of themselves so that others can obtain the necessities to live,” Lt. Colonel Dan Jennings, commander of the Salvation Army’s Northern Division, said. “We’ll never know who this selfless person is, but we want them to know how much we appreciate their act of kindness and how much it means to us.”