Water found in gas at 2 Holiday stores across Minnesota

Several recent complaints filed with the Minnesota Department of Commerce say two gas stations in Minnesota have contaminated gasoline at their stations.

The Holiday gas stations in New Hope and Mankato were the source of multiple complaints submitted to the Weights and Measures division of the Department of Commerce, which said that the gas they filled their car with was largely made up of water, causing them to be undriveable.

One complaint submitted to the Weights and Measures division said their vehicle died within a mile of filling up in New Hope, adding that a mechanic said the gas was 95% water.

An additional complaint said the cost to fix their vehicle, which they filled up in Mankato, is over $5,000.

Inspectors collected samples for lab analysis, removed the product, and placed “rejected” stickers over affected pumps, the spokesperson for the department added. The station was then notified to not sell the product until the Weights and Measures division could verify it.

The spokesperson for the Department of Commerce said one of the stations was already addressing the issue when the inspector arrived by placing plastic bags over affected pumps.

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