Volunteers across the metro are helping clear snow for elderly, those in need

"Dumped on" might be an understatement for the storm that just let loose inches and inches of snow across Minnesota.

Either way, we all woke up to mounds of it.

So, the digging out begins, and admittedly it isn’t easy.

Now, imagine going outside to find more than a foot of snow, and you cannot physically shovel, snow blow or even get out of your yard.

That’s where Brian Christensen with "I Want To Mow Your Lawn" comes in.

It’s a national nonprofit, and it started with mowing lawns.

But with this snow and lack of green lawns to keep up with, volunteers across the metro are now helping people who can’t shovel clear their driveways for free.

"It feels good. You know, I think everything that has happened in the past, however many years, has really had people not see the good, and it’s kind of what I like to do. People will see the good in the world, and so yeah, it feels good. It’s exhausting, but it feels good," Christensen said after shoveling off his third driveway of the morning.

Christensen and his wife both have full-time jobs working in healthcare. When COVID-19 swept the nation, he needed something to keep his mind off of all the madness. So, he turned to "I Want To Mow Your Lawn" for a mental shift.

Christensen calls it his time of zen. He adds that shoveling does the same thing for him and helps others at the same time.

"I Want To Mow Your Lawn" helps senior citizens, people who are disabled and veterans for free.

All you have to do is inquire at their website by clicking here.