Vikings’ K.J. Osborn, 3 others save man in burning car

A Vikings wide receiver made a life-saving play off the field over the weekend in Austin, Texas.

On Sunday, K.J. Osborn says he helped pull a man out of a burning car after a crash.

He was riding in an Uber when it came up to the scene. Osborn, his Uber driver, and two other bystanders assisted the man stuck in the vehicle.

Osborn told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Schefter’s podcast Monday that initially when the vehicle crashed, he was unsure if the man inside was alive.

“He was kind of in a daze, but I think he could feel the heat coming to his legs — that’s when we tried to talk to him and get him out,” Osborn told Schefter.

Osborn tweeted photos showing the car on fire on the side of an embankment, saying, in part, they were in the “right place at the exact right time.”