VIDEO: Wisconsin deputies, DNR officer get bobcat out of car

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Law enforcement members deal with a lot of difficult and unique situations in their line of work but dealing with wild cats is usually not one of those things.

However, that’s what a group of Wisconsin deputies and a conservation officer did after someone reported, “I have a bobcat in my car.”

In a social media post, Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas described Wednesday that three deputies responded to the caller’s location and — lo and behold — found a bobcat in the vehicle.

After seeing it with their own eyes, the deputies called for help from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conservation warden.

The warden was then able to pull the bobcat out of the vehicle and, with a little luck, it hopped right into the back of his truck, where it was then shut inside until it could be returned to the wild.

“All in a day’s work at the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin DNR,” Lukas wrote.