Video captures conveyor commotion as kid rides baggage equipment at MSP Airport

[anvplayer video=”5029291″ station=”998122″]

New video released by Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport shows how a 9-year-old boy jumped on a conveyor belt by the ticketing area and went on a joyride earlier this month.

According to an incident report, the boy, who reportedly was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, was with a large group traveling to Amsterdam on Delta Airlines. Airline employees who were on duty during the incident say there were several children who were running around unsupervised near the ticket counter.

Several Delta employees saw the boy as he got on the conveyor belt and tried to grab him, but he was too fast and disappeared into the area leading to the luggage screening area after an employee hit the emergency stop button that stops the belt and drops the security door leading to the room on the other side of the wall.

The video then shows the boy riding on a series of conveyor belts before being dropped off by the luggage screening machines and being found by security guards a short time later. The child was unharmed.