University of Minnesota seeks nearly $1 billion from state budget surplus

The University of Minnesota is asking legislators for almost $1 billion in funding next year.

The $935.6 million President’s Recommended Supplemental 2022 State Budget Request includes $473.6 million to support university infrastructure projects, $185 million to "improve campus safety protocols and organizations," and $152 million to "advance the quality of healthcare for all Minnesotans," among other items.

The request seeks to use some of the state’s $7.7 billion projected budget surplus.

The request was approved during the Board of Regents’ December meeting.

"As a board, it’s our responsibility to ensure the university is exceeding the high standards all Minnesotans have for the education, research and outreach we provide," Board Chair Ken Powell said in a statement. "We are pleased to see President Gabel and her team make such strong, measurable progress toward the University’s strategic goals, even in the face of continued volatility and ambiguity from the COVID-19 pandemic."

A final version of the report will return to the board for action in February.