University of Minnesota officials approve plan to ask state legislature $500 million to repair aging buildings

Officials at the University of Minnesota recently approved a request to ask the state legislature for $500 million in funding for preservation and repairs on buildings across the Minnesota campuses.

On Thursday, the Board of Regents Finance and Operations Committee approved the University’s 2024 state capitol request for Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR).

The University of Minnesota has five campuses across the state: Twin Cities, Rochester, Duluth, Morris, and Crookston. If approved, the funds will go towards repairs and preservation of buildings across all five campuses, according to Jake Ricker, a spokesperson for the University of Minnesota.

Ricker noted that HEAPR funds allocated by the state legislature are dispersed to each campus using a formula based on campus square footage and documented facility renewal needs.

Check back later for more information on how the funds will be used and divided among campuses if approved by the state legislature.