Brooklyn Park Police: 16-year-old intentionally hits woman with car

UPDATE: Brooklyn Park Police have released additional details about the people involved in the potential vehicular assault incident in Brooklyn Park Saturday.

The suspect, who was arrested for second-degree assault after allegedly intentionally hitting the victim with a car, was said to be a 16-year-old girl.

Police say she was taken to the Hennepin County Juvenile Supervision Center.

The victim was said to be a woman, although her age was not specified.

An initial police alert detailed a “large group of juveniles and young adults” gathered at the scene of the incident.

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INITIAL REPORT 8/7/22: Police say a person was hit by a car intentionally following a fight in Norwood Park in Brooklyn Park.

Officials say a young woman intentionally hit another person with a car after they met to fight Saturday night in Norwood Park, according to the Brooklyn Park Police Department.

Officers report they went to the 8100 block of Newton Avenue North after receiving a report around 8:41 p.m. that someone was hit by a vehicle.

On arrival, officers say a “large group of juveniles and young adults” were at the park. The crowd included the suspect, who had called 911.

While investigating, officers say they discovered the suspect and victim had met to fight.

Police say the incident escalated when the suspect began swerving in their vehicle in an attempt to run the victim over with the vehicle.

Eventually, the suspect hit the victim, inflicting minor injuries. Police say the victim refused treatment.

The suspect was arrested for second-degree assault, and police are investigating.