Teen in stolen vehicle critically hurt after crash in Minneapolis, police say

A teenage girl was hospitalized with critical injuries after a crash early Saturday morning in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police say it happened near 33rd Avenue North and Penn Avenue North at around 2:10 a.m.

Information from police indicates a stolen Hyundai was driving the wrong way when it crashed into a vehicle headed the opposite way.

Police say officers found a teenage girl in the Hyundai with what they considered possibly life-threatening injuries. The driver of the other vehicle suffered apparent non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

Both were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara also sent a statement to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, saying:

“This is a tragic incident on many levels. It is tragic that there were injuries. It is tragic that it was a teenage girl who was critically injured. But even more tragic is that this is just one more example of how the juvenile justice system is failing our most at-risk youth. Despite this 15-year-old girl being involved in more than 10 incidents involving stolen vehicles this year alone, she was repeatedly released with no accountability—allowing her to continue to break the law, and in this latest episode, nearly getting herself killed. This system is broken. It is failing our most at-risk kids, their families, and our entire community. This latest failure has left us yet again with a young person fighting for their life. This needs to stop.”

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara