Target Field announces plan for multi-million dollar security updates

Target Field is making some updates to its security.

The Minnesota Ballpark Authority (MBA) is implementing its plan to improve security in two areas: strengthening glass panes on the exterior of the park and replacing vehicle barriers, according to a representative for the MBA.

Officials hope the installation of stronger glass panes prevents the glass from shattering while the vehicle barriers are set to be replaced in the parking lot entrance and on both 7th and 5th Street.

MBA officials say the parking lot entrance will also receive improvements with the replacement of retractable bollards with two K-rated hydraulic crash arms.

The security investments are expected to cost $3.2 million.

The board is expected to discuss sharing expenses with the Minnesota Twins. However, the improvements may qualify Target Field for a federal grant, officials say.

Earlier this year, the team replaced the main video board above the left-center field seats with a 57′ tall board and 178′ wide. Additional video boards were also replaced with larger ones, and also included LED displays. Other updates included the Minnie & Paul celebration sign, the addition of a revolving, illuminated baseball medallion on top of “Twins Tower” and also began a partnership with Evolv Technology for official fan screening technology.

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