Suspicious death in Rochester being treated as homicide

According to Hubbard affiliate KAAL in Rochester, the Rochester Police Department is treating the death of a man in northwest Rochester as a homicide.

Police said a preliminary autopsy investigation has led them to believe the victim, 41-year-old Robert Elridge Volgmann, was murdered.

The death occurred in a fourplex apartment building that is run like an adult group home with four different apartments.

Police said the landlord had stopped by the home and noticed a window was open in one of the bedrooms. When he went to go check, the landlord saw the victim's body and called police.

The victim lived in that apartment complex with another roommate, an adult male, who was in the apartment when police arrived, the department said.

Police said the man was dead for longer than 24 hours and no one had been arrested as of Friday night.

The investigation remains ongoing.