Suspect arrested after Minneapolis crash following police pursuit in Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids police say a suspect was arrested after being found hiding near a crashed vehicle that was seen fleeing officers earlier in the evening.

The Coon Rapids Police Department said one of their officers first spotted a vehicle that was wanted in a felony-level crime around 12:35 a.m. Tuesday.

That vehicle fled when officers tried to stop it, police say. The driver of the vehicle then continued from Highway 610, to Highway 252 and then onto I-94 toward Minneapolis. Police then decided to terminate the pursuit.

The officer was then notified that the vehicle had crashed in Minneapolis near I-94 and Dowling Avenue.

Police say the suspect, who had two active felony warrants, was arrested after being found hiding near the crash site.

He was then held on additional charges of fleeing police in a motor vehicle and being an ineligible person possessing a firearm.