State commission picks base design for new flag

State commission picks base design for new flag

State commission picks base design for new flag

We’re another step closer to knowing what Minnesota’s next flag will look like.

The State Emblems Resign Commission and graphic designers met Friday afternoon in St. Paul and took a big step, narrowing the choice from three down to one base design. That’s after the top three were chosen at Tuesday’s meeting. Previously, there were six finalists.

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While the commission selected F1953, some changes are still possible. Alterations could include changes to the colors, sizing and star designs. Some of those alterations being considered can be seen below.

It’s a process of pursuing perfection. Commission members spent hours discussing colors, shapes and symbols.

“Four hours of people nitpicking about stuff,” said Lee Contreras, who traveled from Prior Lake to see the process. “I’d rather they nitpick and focus on dumb stuff than just like rush through it and have another flag like the one we had previously.”

The Commission first narrowed the selection down to two finalists. One of the flags paid tribute to wisps of snow, clouds and aurora, reflected by bending water with a north star.

“I actually see a loon,” said Dr. Kate Beane, a voting Commission member. “I think about the history of this state as tied to the river, that’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re here in Saint Paul and I think that is very symbolic of who we are as a state and I think it’s very inclusive and I think it’s beautiful.”

The other finalist showcased a north star on an abstract shape of Minnesota, with blue, green and white stripes. Other variations included white and blue stripes.

“For me anyway, each element speaks,” said Kent Whitworth, a voting Commission member. “The light blue, white, light blue, really ties to the translation of the word Minnesota, sky tinted water.”

Others shared appreciation for both flag designs.

“I don’t know if there’s a way to combine them,” said Lauren Bennett McGinty, a voting Commission member.

At the end of the four-hour meeting, the Commission chose the design that featured the abstract shape of Minnesota. Chair Luis Fitch also suggested modifying the shape to more closely reflect the state’s outline. The Commission will make a decision on the shape, colors, stripes and star at its Tuesday meeting.

“We definitely have a direction and now we’re going to allow the community of Minnesota to take a look at them and hopefully we can hear from them,” said Fitch. “I can tell you this right now, this Tuesday we’ll have a flag.”

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the commission adopted changes to the final seal under consideration, although more changes are still possible before the final one is adopted.

The State Emblems Redesign Commission was established to adopt a new design for the official state seal and a new design for the official state flag no later than Jan. 1, 2024.

For more information, visit the State Emblems Redesign Commission’s website.