Star Tribune warns of possible data breach, urges subscribers to take precautions

The Star Tribune on Tuesday warned its subscribers of a possible security breach and urged them to take precautions.

The newspaper said a group of hackers that is claiming to have stolen over 73 million user records from 10 businesses is listing the Star Tribune as a business it stole 1 million records from. However, the newspaper said no financial records were stolen.

While the Star Tribune's leadership is still working to confirm whether a hack took place, the newspaper is urging its subscribers to take some precautions, including:

  • Updating your password for,
  • Updating your password for any other sites that you use the same email and password used for,
  • Not responding to any emails from anyone who claims to have your information. Star Tribune said it will never ask for sensitive information by email.

The newspaper said it sent an email to all subscribers, Monday, about the alleged hack.