St. Paul Saints announce 'Astro the Grouch' bobblehead giveaway

In light of the recent scandal involving the Houston Astros in Major League Baseball, the St. Paul Saints have announced a playful new giveaway poking fun at the Astros.

On Tuesday, the Saints announced the first 1,500 fans to arrive to its July 31 game at CHS Field will receive an "Astro the Grouch" talking bobblehead.

"With a simple push of a button Astro will let you know, with a bang or two, what pitch is coming – once for a fastball and twice for a curveball.  Sometimes he'll just tell you what's coming by saying, 'fastball' or 'curveball,'" the Saints said.

"We won't rip the shirt off your back, but if you're a little shy because of a half-done tattoo, fret not. The Saints will have artists on hand to help finish off the perfect ink job, whether it's your child's name, a simple letter, or even an asterisk," the team added.

The Saints are coming off a season that ended with the team winning its first championship in 15 seasons. The reigning American Association Champions will begin the 2020 season on May 19 at CHS Field.