Shakopee man charged with murder after selling fentanyl to person who fatally overdosed

A 44-year-old man was charged has been charged with third-degree murder in connection with a fatal fentanyl overdose in March.

Prosecutors say John Ryan Radoush sold fentanyl to the victim.

Shakopee officers responded to a report of an unconscious person at a home in Louisville Township on March 8. The victim had been found unconscious and not breathing in the basement of the home.

A criminal complaint states that first responders and family gave the man up to nine doses of Narcan and CPR, but he was pronounced deceased.

The Medical Examiner found a blue lighter, rolled up dollar bill with residue, a plastic bag with white residue and foil with burn marks on the victim. While executing a search warrant of his home, deputies found two cell phones.

A criminal complaint states family members told deputies they believed the victim had taken fentanyl.

The family also said they believed Radoush had given the victim narcotics, adding the victim sent $20 through CashApp to Radoush the day prior.

Family members went on to say they know Radoush is a drug user, and they were concerned the CashApp transaction was the victim buying fentanyl.

Investigators went through the victim’s phone and found a conversation in which he asked Radoush about “bringing it to the shop tomorrow” – the day before he overdosed.

The next day, Radoush told the victim that he would be at the meeting place in 30 minutes, according to the complaint.

An autopsy found that the victim’s cause of death was due to fentanyl and a history of using other drugs.

During a search warrant execution of Radoush’s vehicle, authorities say they found a notebook with names and dollar amounts, which prosecutors noted is common for narcotics dealers. They also found plastic bags containing fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Radoush was arrested last Thursday, and several controlled substances were found on him. Court documents state Radoush recalled selling fentanyl to the victim, and he went on to say he was good friends with the victim and seemed visibly upset.

Court documents note that Radoush has an extensive criminal history, including narcotics possession.