Several hospitalized after deck collapse in Northfield

Authorities say several people were hurt Saturday night when a deck collapsed at a home in Northfield.

It happened shortly before 8:30 p.m. in the 800 block of Fremont Street East.

The Northfield Police Department says about a dozen people were on the deck when it collapsed, leaving several people hurt, some to the point that they needed to go to a hospital for treatment.

According to police, several of the victims suffered minor injuries but one person suffered a lower leg compound fracture, another had burns from a hot grill that was on the deck and another had chest pain.

In total, about half of the injured victims were taken to a hospital for treatment, police say.

Authorities say the deck, which was around seven feet off the ground, had separated from the ledger board on the house and collapsed inward.

Building officials are expected to follow up to determine the exact cause of the collapse.