Sartell Police Department welcomes new K9

The Sartell Police Department is welcoming a new therapy K9 to the force.

K9 Kimber is a 5-month-old Belgian Malinois who has been selected to work with Officer Kari Bonfield of the Sartell Police Department as a therapy K9, according to Sartell Chief of Police Brandon Silgjord.

Soldier’s 6 donated the dog, who will start training with Officer Bonfield immediately.

“We know the amount of pressure and stress put on our first responders every day, and likewise the trauma that victims of crime are exposed to,” Silgjord said. “We sincerely hope that interactions with K9 Kimber will help ease the stress and pain that these incidents can cause, especially on children and our most vulnerable citizens. Additionally, we know K9 Kimber will help continue building on the positive interactions our citizens have with our officers.”