Rosemount city leaders hear update on possible Meta data site

Rosemount city leaders hear update on possible Meta data site

Rosemount city leaders hear update on possible Meta data site

The Rosemount City Council received updates related to a proposed 280-acre data center at its meeting on Tuesday.

The Minnesota Board of Regents’ Finance and Operations Committee voted to approve the proposed $39.7 million sale to Jimnist LLC, which is owned by Meta, in September.

The land is part of the university’s UMore Park, located along the south side of County Road 42 around Dakota County Technical College, and has been marketed for several years. It was also previously rezoned by Rosemount from agricultural use to business park planned development.

Last week, the Rosemount Planning Commission unanimously approved multiple items, including a final site plan and a building plan for a Meta Platforms data center project.

City staff explained during Tuesday’s meeting, the site falls under an area with an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR), which is a process that’s a hybrid of the Environmental Assessment Worksheet and Environmental Impact Statement that is used when a large area is being developed. Once the process is complete, future projects in the area do not require individual EAW and EIS documents, according to the city.

It must be updated every five years. City staff explained they’ve decided to pause a decision on the data center project until the AUAR update is completed. The City Council will now wait until after Dec. 20 to make a final action on the project.

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An Oct. 31 filing from Xcel Energy with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) – which would need to approve Xcel’s contracts for the project – states that the buyer expects to pour at least $700 million into the data center, which would be expected to support at least 50 full-time jobs and 150 indirect jobs.

Additionally, the filing says the project would create an estimated 1,000 construction jobs during the two- to five-year building period.

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