Rosedale Center to host ‘Deadly Drive-In’ Halloween event

With the COVID-19 pandemic and related health guidelines in place, it may be difficult for Halloween enthusiasts to enjoy haunted houses and similar events this yar. That’s why Rosedale Center will host a socially distant Halloween drive-in event.

"Deadly Drive-in" will begin on Oct. 15 and be open for the following three weekends, Thursday through Saturday.

The experience, which is being created by Flip Phone — an event production company known for popular dance parties at First Avenue, themed cruises for fans of the TV show "Golden Girls," and drag bruches on Union’s rooftop — will be designed to deliver the chills and thrills of a typical haunted house experience from the safety of your vehicle.

The drive-in will begin with each vehicle receiving a fully sanitized radio to set the stage for attendees, Rosedale Center said. Each vehicle will then be led into a tent, where drivers will hand over their keys to ensure everyone’s safety before the haunting begins.

The event is based on the growing trend of drive-in haunted houses in Japan, according to Rosedale Center.

The full experience will last about 30 minutes from check-in to exit. Rosedale Center said it’s taking all precautions necessary to ensure the event is safe for all involved, and while drivers may find some "bloody handprints" on the exterior of their vehicles, they’ll have the opportunity to wash them off before leaving.

Rosedale Center said the event is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Tickets will go on sale Sept. 17 at noon at The cost will be $60-$75 per vehicle, depending on the day.