Rochester teen cited for failing to help crash victim, instead uploading video to social media

An 18-year-old from Rochester has been cited with failure to assist in a scooter crash last week.

According to Hubbard television affiliate KAAL-TV, Bill Gum Benjamin was cited due to the state’s Good Samaritan law, which states “a person at the scene of an emergency who knows that another person is exposed to or has suffered grave physical harm shall, to the extent that the person can do so without danger or peril to self or others, give reasonable assistance to the exposed person.”

Reports say Benjamin had allegedly videotaped the victim of a moped crash after witnessing it, and then uploaded the video to the social media app Snapchat before walking away without calling for help.

The crash victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Benjamin could face a fine of up to $140 for a petty misdemeanor charge of failing to provide aid by at least attempting to contact emergency services.