Robbinsdale schools alert parents of people pulling out guns in front of school bus

Robbinsdale Area Schools alerted families of a “troubling situation” that took place Friday morning.

A school bus was in the middle of its route, at the intersection of Penn Avenue North and Golden Valley Road, when the driver noticed that the occupants of the car in front of it had guns and were pointing them in another direction. They were not pointing the guns at the bus, the district said.

The bus driver immediately had the dispatch operators call 911 before stopping the bus and telling the four students on board to duck down. The driver then reversed the bus to get out of the area, the school district said.

No shots were fired during this incident.

The school district said that staff members met with the students who were on the bus to discuss the incident. It also contacted the families of those who were on the bus, and who boarded it after the incident, to inform them of what happened.

“We are grateful for the bus driver’s quick response and their ability to remain calm during this scary situation,” Robbinsdale Area Schools said. “The bus continued its route and arrived at school on time.”

“These kinds of situations can be traumatic for students,” the district added. “Please know our school counselors and support staff are always available to talk with students and families. Thank you for supporting your Robin and Robbinsdale Middle School.”

A spokesperson for Minneapolis police said that officers were provided with a description of the vehicle. As of Friday afternoon, no arrests have been announced.