Richfield shooting victim alleges prior altercation with juvenile suspect

New details are emerging on the shooting outside a Richfield High School football game on Friday, including that the suspect was reportedly wearing all black at the time the shooting occurred, according to court records.

A search warrant filed in Hennepin county says one shooting victim told police he was assaulted by a group of people a few weeks prior at a Chipotle. The victim also claimed the assailants were using fake social media accounts to threaten him, according to court records.

Police were able to identify one of the suspects when shown a picture by the victim’s father, noting police recognized the individual because of “prior police contact and knowledge of his Facebook account,” according to the search warrant.

“Officers attempted to relocate the Facebook account known to them, and found that this account appears to have been deleted from Facebook servers,” the warrant states, noting this is a common tactic to evade law enforcement.

The shooting occurred on September 23, outside the football stadium. It sent students, parents, and fans scrambling for safety, and the district canceled the weekend’s homecoming activities.

Wednesday, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced one teenager was charged in connection with the shooting. Because the defendant is a juvenile, the case is not public.