Richfield in talks to build cutting-edge cycling track

A new cycling track could be coming to the city of Richfield.

The Minnesota Cycling Center (MNCC) has announced a potential partnership with the city of Richfield to welcome a velodrome, with hopes of it becoming a hub for cycling activity.

“This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards advancing the cycling culture, championing community engagement, and nurturing a healthier, more active lifestyle for residents,” said the MNCC in its announcement.

A velodrome is a steeply banked oval track that allows cyclists a space to compete in high-speed racing and refine their skills. The design is focused on sustainability and incorporates eco-conscious materials and energy-efficient technologies.

The facility will offer various training programs, workshops and events for cyclists of all ages and skill levels, according to the MNCC. There will also be recreational courts used for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball inside the facility.

“We look forward to partnering with the City of Richfield on next steps toward realizing the MNCC’s vision through this state-of-the-art velodrome,” remarked Jason Lardy, President of MNCC. “Our shared dedication to health, well-being, and community will come to life within these walls. The velodrome will stand as a bustling hub for cyclists of all ages and abilities to connect, learn, compete, and mutually inspire.”

More details about the project, including concept designs, fundraising efforts and community engagement opportunities will be announced in upcoming months.