Representative from Scott County introduces Articles of Impeachment against Gov. Walz

A Minnesota state representative introduced Articles of Impeachment against Gov. Tim Walz Monday for allegedly violating his oath of office and the Minnesota and U.S. Constitution.

“It has become abundantly clear that Gov. Walz does not care if he abides by the State and U.S. Constitution in which he’s responsible for upholding,” Rep. Erik Mortensen (55A, R-Shakopee) stated.

According to the five articles, Walz is accused of:

  • Failing to respect the separation of powers
  • Inventing new penalties for violation of his executive orders without legislative sanction
  • Banning the free exercise of religion (violation of the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution and Minnesota’s Constitution, Article 1, Section 16)
  • Taking private property (violation of Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution)
  • Banning nearly all non-emergency medicine

“I’m doing my duty to uphold the constitution of Minnesota and the U.S. that I swore an oath to on January 5th. Gov. Walz is acting completely anti-democratic violating our Representative Republic form of government in which only legislators make laws and that is dangerous. Governors do not have the power to make laws. This is basic civics stuff and Gov. Walz doesn’t care.” Rep. Mortensen said in a statement.

Mortensen claims Walz issuing over 100 executive orders is "evidence of his crimes and corrupt behavior."

In a response to the introduction of the articles, a spokesman for the governor noted that Republican lawmakers have made the same arguments in court and judges have repeatedly rejected them. "It’s up to the courts, not legislators, to decide what is constitutional," the spokesperson said.