Record number of Minnesotans enroll in private health insurance plans through MNsure

A record-breaking total of 146,445 people signed up for private health insurance plans through Minnesota’s official health insurance marketplace, MNsure, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

Open enrollment began on Nov. 1, 2023, and ended on Jan. 15, 2024. However, new clients can still enroll in private health if they qualify for the special enrollment period or year-round enrollment.

Other programs include Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare and specialized plans for members of federally recognized tribes. Residents can also work with certified brokers and navigators for free help with the application process. MNsure also offers coverage for people who experience qualifying life events.

State officials shared the following data on the open enrollment period:

  • Private health plan sign-ups: 146,445.
  • New public program applicants (Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare): 39,106.
  • Dental plan sign-ups: 38,082.
  • Percentage of households receiving tax credits: 58%.
  • Statewide average annual tax credit by household: $6,460.

MNsure reports that it saw a 13% increase in private health plan sign-ups from the year before.

Officials say the support is needed for state residents who no longer qualify for Medical Assistance, which is Minnesota’s Medicaid program, or Minnesota Care after federal Medicaid coverage requirements ended in 2023. This “unwinding” of Medicaid coverage is meant to help thousands of people transition into private coverage.

The governor’s office states that nearly 60% of MNsure enrollees will save money on their health insurance due to premium tax credits that lower the cost of monthly premiums.

MNsure leadership shared the following written statement:

“Over 146,000 Minnesotans came to MNsure looking for health insurance and found high-quality, affordable private health plan coverage. The tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, farmers, gig workers, and other self-employed Minnesotans who rely on MNsure each year have the peace of mind that comes with coverage they can count on. MNsure is the only place Minnesotans can access discounts (in the form of tax credits and cost-sharing reductions) to lower their health care costs, on plans that are guaranteed to cover essential benefits like doctor’s visits, emergency services, and so much more. Before MNsure, Minnesotans without affordable job-based coverage faced the intimidating task of shopping for health insurance on their own. Today, MNsure offers a streamlined application to compare health insurance options from different companies in one place, free help from a statewide network of insurance experts, and access to financial help for individuals and families.”

– MNsure CEO Libby Caulum