Recent threats to 2 Minnesota libraries cause closures

Recent threats to two libraries in Lakeville and Northfield have caused them to close for the day, according to local authorities.

Heritage Library in Lakeville closed early on Tuesday following a threat, according to Dakota County.

The library received a threatening phone call Tuesday afternoon and reported it to police. It then evacuated visitors and staff, the county said.

Dakota County Library decided to close for the rest of the evening. The Lakeville License Center also closed for the day, as it is in the same building as the library.

Police are investigating the threat.

Northfield Public Library also received a threatening phone call Friday evening and reported the threat to police. Officers didn’t find a threat at the library, and there didn’t appear to be a credible threat, Northfield Police Department said.

The library made the decision to close early for the evening.

Both libraries stated that other libraries in Minnesota have received similar threats recently.

Police are investigating.