Ramsey County: Rice Creek Commons accepting development requests

Officials from Arden Hills and Ramsey County say they are now looking for developers interested in building on a 40-acre spot of land within Rice Creek Commons.

The Joint Development Authority (JDA) issued a Request for Development Interest on Monday for a portion of the commons, labeled “Outlot A,” which is located alongside Interstate 35W, according to a statement from Ramsey County.

The JDA is made up of elected officials from the City of Arden Hills and Ramsey County who oversee the redevelopment of the 427-acre Rice Creek Commons site in Arden Hills.

“Rice Creek Commons represents the most substantial opportunity in recent years to return a significant area to its status as an economic and social engine after decades of inactivity,” said Ramsey County Commissioner Nicole Frethem, who represents District 1, which includes Rice Creek Commons. “We recognize the community’s desire to move forward and are excited to take this crucial next step in creating a vibrant development that will strengthen our community.”

Ramsey Couty bought the land from the U.S. government in 2013, which used it for the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant. The site was cleaned up and renamed Rice Creek Commons in 2014.

Requests for development are due July 28. Developers interested in buying Outlot A can view Ramsey County’s Request for Development Interest on DemandStar.

The statement added that Ramsey County will invest the proceeds from the sale into the larger vision for Rice Creek Commons. To learn more about Rice Creek Commons, CLICK HERE.

The JDA is expected to choose a developer by fall 2023.

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