Question on St. Paul ballot will ask for sales tax increase to fund road, bridge maintenance

St. Paul voters to decide on sales tax increase

St. Paul voters will decide in November if they want a sales tax increase of one percent.

St. Paul citizens will have a question on their ballot this fall asking them to approve a sales tax increase.

The question will ask if they are in favor of a one percent sales tax increase that would then be used to help fund maintenance on city streets and bridges, as well as improvements at parks and recreation facilities.

Councilors voted six to one in favor of the resolution during Wednesday’s meeting.

The lone vote against the measure belonged to Jane Prince, who represents the city’s seventh ward.

“We’ve done a really good job in this city of finding funding for capital improvements, but we’ve done a terrible job of maintaining things once they’re built,” said Prince.

This would be in addition to the new metro-wide one percent sales tax.

If passed, sales taxes in St. Paul would total nearly 10%, the highest in the state.