Pushups for a purpose: Hope Run raises money to help people battling depression

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This Sunday during the Twin Cities Marathon, a group of runners is taking on a challenge to help those facing challenges of their own.

They call it the Hope Run, and it’s happening during the marathon. It’s a 26-mile race with 40 pushups per mile and 40 more at the finish line for a total of 1,080 pushups.

The goal is to raise money to fund the nonprofit Anthem of Home, which works to help people battling depression and thoughts of suicide.

"In a really tragic situation where there is a suicide that takes place, there’s grief, there’s anguish, there’s all the emotions that you’re dealing with and processing through as a family, and then there’s exorbitant funeral costs," organizer Brent Silkey said. "They want to help supplement some of those funeral costs for families."

To make a donation, visit Anthem of Hope’s website.