Protasiewicz, Kelly advance in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race

Voters have picked Janet Protasiewicz and Dan Kelly to face off in the Wisconsin general election that will determine the future of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Protasiewicz won with about 46% of the vote, while Kelly came in second with about 24%. Protasiewicz and another candidate combined for nearly 54% compared with about 46% for the other two.

Former Justice Dan Kelly served in the Wisconsin Supreme Court from 2016 to 2020 and describes himself as a “judicial constitutionalist” and a “consistent voice for judicial conservatism in Wisconsin.”

Judge Janet Protasiewicz, who has worked as a circuit court judge in Milwaukee County after serving as an assistant district attorney, describes herself as a “community leader” and “lifelong advocate for victims of crime.”

Several issues, such as abortion access and voting rights, have highlighted the stakes for voters. In 2020, the court came within one vote of overturning President Biden’s win.

The issue of gerrymandering legislative districts could also be pivotal as new maps would lay the groundwork for the results of the 2024 general election.

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Voters can cast their ballot in the general election on April 4.