Promposal takes center ice at boy’s state hockey tournament

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A Luverne hockey player is getting national attention for what happened before one of the games during the Minnesota Boys State Hockey Tournament.

The “promposal” was during the player introductions, and it’s something that’s never been done.

“Honestly I really didn’t have much of a plan until we got up here,” said Brady Bork, a senior at Luverne High School.

Luverne senior Brady Bork asked his girlfriend Sarah to prom by writing the question on his hockey stick, and it was shown on the jumbotron during player introductions.

“I went to a press conference after the game and when I went back everybody in the locker room was saying ‘Oh you’re going viral already,'” Brady Bork said.

Sure enough, Sarah was watching the whole thing unfold from the stands at Xcel Energy Center.

“I look up at the jumbotron and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh,'” said Sarah Stegenga, a Luverne junior.

Of course, she said yes.

“Really did not expect it at all, turned into a much different day than I thought it was going to be,” Stegenga said.

On Thursday, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reporter Brett Hoffland caught up with Brady and his family at the consolation games at 3M Arena at Mariucci in Minneapolis.

Brady’s sister loves to give her little brother advice, but even she didn’t see this coming.

“We were at home and I was like ‘Brady you need to get on this, prom is soon’ and he was getting very defensive like really upset about it, and I’m like ‘What’s going on, are you not going to ask her? You’re not going to go,’ and then this happened, and I was like ‘Oh my gosh,'” said Reghan Bork, Brady’s sister.

Turns out, this will be the first and only time a player can do something like this during introductions. Brady says a league official approached him in the locker room to address it.

“He came up to me in the locker room after and said ‘Yeah you just made us make a new rule that we can’t be writing on things anymore,'” Bork said.

Brady scored a goal but ultimately the team fell short on Thursday marking the end to his high school hockey career.

“I’m very proud of him, even just the whole team for growing all the way through the season,” Stegenga said.

In the end, Brady got the girl and a fun memory that will last a lifetime.

“It’s just kind of cool that something so little that I planned in the locker room before a game can go viral on the internet,” Brady Bork said.