Police investigating carjacking in Plymouth Target parking lot

Police say an 18-year-old woman was carjacked in the parking lot of a Target in Plymouth.

According to the Plymouth Police Department, it happened at around 9:50 p.m. on Wednesday at the Target on Vinewood Lane.

Police say the woman was confronted by two male suspects who were armed with handguns. The suspects took the victim’s vehicle and fled the area.

Target employees notified police and officers saw the vehicle as it quickly fled the area. However, officers terminated the pursuit due to public safety concerns after it drove into Minneapolis.

The vehicle was later found unoccupied in a north Minneapolis neighborhood, police say.

No arrests have been made as of Thursday morning and the incident remains under investigation. Police say the victim wasn’t hurt.

“These types of crimes are unusual for Plymouth, but it is a good reminder that crime can happen anywhere and it’s important to be aware of your surroundings,” Plymouth Public Safety Director Erik Fadden said.

The department is also urging all citizens to:

  • Always pay attention to surroundings,
  • Avoid distractions, such as looking at a phone, while walking to a vehicle,
  • Park in well-lit areas,
  • Keep doors locked,
  • Avoid confrontation and remember that life is more important than property.

Anyone with information about the carjacking is asked to call police at 763-509-5177.