Plymouth puppy gets stuck in ceiling; firefighters come to the rescue

A little pup got itself in a big pickle Wednesday night in a Plymouth home.

Plymouth firefighters were called to a home on a report that a puppy had gotten itself trapped inside the walls, according to a Facebook post from the city of Plymouth.

Somehow, the puppy found a small opening in the walls and started to explore. The homeowners called the fire department when they heard it walking around the space in the ceiling between the first and second floors.

Firefighters were able to pinpoint the dog's location by using a thermal imaging camera. The puppy gave off enough heat to be seen through the drywall, and firefighters were able to punch a hole in the ceiling to get the dog out unharmed.

"Thermal imaging combined with good old-fashioned, use-all-your-senses firefighting work helped to minimize the damage and rescue the puppy," a Plymouth battalion chief said. "Good work, crew!"